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outreach in rwanda

In 1994, after years of ethnic tension, hell broke loose on earth.  In Rwanda, the Hutu majority systematically targeted and killed nearly 1 million Tutsi and Tutsi sympathizers in 100 days.  During this time, the world did nothing to intervene.  They watched as 10,000 people a day were murdered in the streets, homes, and hills of a country the size of Maryland.


The Genocide left Rwanda with multiple problems.  An entire generation of people, especially men, were wiped out.  Leaders in the economy, government, and other areas were eliminated.  Many fled the country only to come back and find everything destroyed, stolen or loved ones lost.


For those who survived, the arduous task of rebuilding their lives, let alone the country is insurmountable.  PTSD reigns, fear permeates government elections, and other decisions and the children have grown up without parents, resources, and hope.  They are the generation attempting to move Rwanda forward.


Simply put, there is no place in the world like Rwanda.

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Because it is landlocked and overpopulated, Rwanda struggles with meeting even the basic needs people have.  Without help from those outside the country, many will languish in poverty or starve.


Particularly in rural areas, basic needs such as goats, chickens, farming tools are always needed. Shoes and school uniforms can be unaffordable, and without them, children can’t attend classes.  Schools lack resources. Hospitals lack basic sanitation needs and churches are in need of help with building projects.

The Opportunity

Implementing simple things like buying goats and other farm animals, shoes and school supplies make a massive impact.  Building a home for a widow or providing water catchment systems can mean the difference between malnourishment and health. Without our help, it won’t happen.  The West isn’t clamoring to help but you can. Beauty is still a part of Rwanda. You can participate in what is happening by supporting the different projects and initiatives listed above.


Click on the link below to support projects in Rwanda.

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